Rep. Anthony Weiner

Ha ha, did anyone else recognize their own damn self getting caught up in this one?

Once upon a time, my buddy Tomas ( told me about Holoponopono.  He said when you see or read about “bad/sad/mad” things in the world, say the prayer, Holoponopono.  It means:  I am so sorry, Please forgive me, I Love you, Thank you.  He told me it somehow opens up the boundaries of your heart…and he was right.

So, from the minute, I saw all that shit flying around about Rep. Weiner, I kept repeating my mantra for the day:  Holoponopono.

Really, though, you could not escape the onslaught.  How could he?  Him…of all people!  His poor wife!  Who the hell does he think he is!  Somebody (not me though) make him resign!  Kill the beast!

And I was doing pretty damn good with it…UNTIL I found myself listening to a radio talk show and all these sanctimonious bastards were calling in and yakking about how they would never ever do it because they were such “good” people, and if it were them, which it truly would not be for God’s sake, because they had morals, blah blah blah…

OH SHIT!!!  Here I are, back in that damn swampy, boggy place, with my own damn stinkin’ self-righteous thoughts:  Yeah, you fuckers, you’re probably doing the same thing, only you have not been caught.  You creepy judging hypocrites!  Kick the poor bastard while he’s down.  I mean, if you were studying ACIM, LIKE ME, you would know NOT to judge him!  Shit Shit Shit.  What the fuck am I doing?  I’M JUDGING THEM!!!

Alas, the Weiner dog took the wind out of my sails, too!

But, hey, thanks for the classroom, buddy, it’s how I learn.


Much Love and Pink Clouds,



I Just Had to Post This :)

I have a very funny Canadian friend named Linda, we call her Leenda.  I spent last weekend with her and another friend in Cleveland.  Leenda is always trying out the latest new shit and the following is her report on her new face wash.
Just wanted to let you both know that the face wash that I used in Cleveland and just raved about is SHIT!!!
Please do not waste your money on Garnier Skin Renew.
It is a resurfacing 3 way cleanser, it contains Kaolin Clay, Vitamin B, and Micro-Beads.  I would LOVE to list all of the ingredients but would need fucking Superman to come over and use his X-ray vision as the printing is so small.
So, as I am dissecting these 3 ingredients I figure that Kaolin Clay must come from still hot volcanic earth as my fucking skin is almost burnt off of my face.
Now the Vitamin B….how can that be harmful, unless it is actually Vitamin BEE in which case I now understand why my skin is stinging.
Now to the Micro-Beads…. Micro meaning small ; beads meaning, oh I don’t know…maybe fucking ground glass???
Son of a bitch!!!!
This crap claims to work in three magical ways.
1. CLEANSING: use as a daily cleanser to clean away impurities,(and most of the top layer of your skin.)
2. EXFOLIATING SCRUB: really gets that dirt out of your pores by blasting away the top layer of skin and getting right in there for a couple of more layers.
3. PURIFYING MASK: Anyone brave enough to leave this shit on their skin for three minutes needs their head examined.
I have a huge red patch on my cheeks and chin, that’s just using this shit on Friday and Saturday.
If I left it on for 3 minutes I’d probably melt my face off!


This product is made for “mature” skin.
Guess they figure at our age we really don’t care, or we possibly wouldn’t realize that our faces are skin less.
All right ladies….you have been warned!!!

Love Linda

Caught in the Illusion/Maniacal Rantings

Imagine 30,000 people in a large stadium.  Slowly, 4 at a time, some are released down onto the field.  They enter one of 10 tents, and the wailing begins.  Shit, this must be what it was like to watch the Christians being slaughtered, but it’s the screamingly popular American Idol auditions in Pittsburgh.  13,000 auditioned, 50 made it!   Our dear Melissa (my son Max’s best friend) did not make it, but for 15 hours, it was like being at some kind of singing circus, hugely entertaining!

One day before the competition Max gets a call from his buddy in Florida, where they attend school.  Dude, we have Pete Wentz’s attention, you have to come back NOW to join our band, Dear Chandelier.  Max said I promised Melissa I would go to the AI audition with her and then we are going to Blues Fest in Canada for the weekend.

On Monday the whirlwind began, packing, getting a flight, oh shit Mom, I forgot to tell you I overdrafted my credit union account, yikes!  Off he goes.  Oddly enough, about 2 weeks before all this happened, he had made some major shift and I was enjoying the shit out of him.  Now, poof, he’s headed off to his dream of being a rock star and not even 21 yet.  I cried.

A week later, a dear friend’s only daughter was killed in a car accident and I slipped down into this slimey, fucking, hole of grief.  And it seemed I began days and weeks of PLEASE HELP ME!  I am stuck in here, nothing is right with the world.  Are you listening to me?

And then I had myself one of those goddam fucked up days (and days) and did not dare communicate with anyone, for no apparent reason.  I was so pissed off, feeling very ugly, fat, miserable, you name it, it was all over me.  Then I could not fucking sleep, laying there with all my torturous thoughts saying things like, yeah well, I cannot be vigilant for God and his kingdom, because from where I am, I am not even believing in the damn place or thing or whatever.  If you were my buddies, you would let me drift off to sleep as I am now in my 3rd fucking hour of tossing and turning.   And I’m saying stuff like yeah I do KNOW that this is a time for faith, but fuck that, this feels like some fucking big black hole and I am fucking stuck and on top of that, bored out of my fucking mind.  And I really do need some sleep because I have to make a ton of pierogies tomorrow!

And then I wake up, completely refreshed, like I had had 8 hours of blissful sleep.  Huh?  I dash off to work all fucking happy, and then the shit hits the fan.  By the time I had finished making 150 pierogies, I had 11  sticky notes of things that I was doing at the same time, the motherfucking queen of multi-taskers was I!

First thing, I get a call from my insurance guy regarding the cost for the church to insure the downstairs, which really has nothing to do with me,  and he won’t stop yakking and telling me I have to write a letter to the church.  OK, he’s done, Max calls, dropped his phone in the pool a couple of days ago, won’t work, so we start working on getting a new one, and oh yeah, because we were gone so long, the post office stopped delivering our mail and I don’t have all that very important information nor my new debit card from the credit union.  Sheesh, ok more stuff to work on.   And oh, it rained so damn hard the toilets in the ladies bathroom at the banquet facility are bubbling over, all the way down two floors into the offices and wiping out ceiling tiles.  Yikes, I need a plumber.  Another call, we have no air conditioning.  And I am very aware that all this chaos is not making me nuts, although I did have a thought:  No one ever calls me (our tenants) and says, Wow, Sally, thanx for shovelling all the sidewalks every fucking morning at 5:00, hey thank you for unplugging the toilet, pulling the weeds, cleaning the offices, getting the a/c fixed, unfreezing the dastardly old pipes.  Heh heh, just realized I appreciated my own damn self, so maybe I won’t have that Sally Appreciation Day that I was thinking of posting.

I did manage to get out and smoke a couple of times and yak with Jesus/HS/Tomas and said, very sheepishly, heh heh, hey guys, look at me all normal now and yeah I know you told me about faith, but I could not hear you last nite and I am totally refreshed so obviously you stepped in somewhere, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Much Love and Pink Clouds,


What the Hell is Going on Around Here?!?!?!?!?

I am having a very weird holy shit odd some damn kind of out of this world experience!

I woke up on the morning of Canada Day (not Canadian, but was raised there, husband and two oldest kids are Canucks) and heard or saw (not sure, can’t remember which) a thought about NOT SMOKING.  WTF?

I mean, I love to smoke!  Years ago I tried a bunch of ways to quit:  the patch, hypnosis, that obnoxious fucking gum that makes me want to throw up, cold turkey, etc.  And whenever I was in the process of quitting, well look out fucking world!  I hated everyone, especially people who dared to smoke in front of ME!  Everything set me off, and I ate everything in sight, trying to get rid of that damn itch. I felt like chewing on wooden planks, oddly thinking that would help.  Finally, thought, well fuck it, I just like to smoke!

Soooooo, I had my first coffee, checking emails, etc., and did not want a cigarette.  Then, I always have another coffee and a smoke while driving to work.  Nope, again, did not want one.  By this time, I am talking to my guys:  Hey, HS/Jesus/Tomas, what the fuck is up here?  I’m telling ‘ya if I have one little desire, I’m lighting up, so there!  Do you hear me?  Who said I wanted to quit?  I’ve got 3 left in a pack in my purse, and you listen to ME!  IF I WANT TO SMOKE, I’M GONNA FUCKING SMOKE!!!

I carried my smokes around with me all day long, going to my favorite smoking spot at work.  Absolutely, no desire.  And I kept waiting…and waiting for the urge to smoke, AND PROVE SOMEBODY’S DAMN ASS WRONG!  (In the clear light of day, this is so damn silly, who in the hell am I trying to prove wrong?)

But, most of the time I was so damn happy with whatever the hell is going on and in absolute awe.  I keep asking.  Is it this easy?  Is this all there is to it?  Why don’t I have withdrawal?  Why is the ego not stepping in here and kicking the shit out of me?  Why am I so calm, cool and collected?

But then, my ego-induced conflicting thought system suddenly has me heading off into a completely different direction of thinking:   Well, you’re crazy, what else could be happening except that you have gone off the deep end?  Huh?

I am all over the place and decided to email Nouk, because really, although most of what is happening is miraculous, I am not quite sure where I’ve landed.

Ahhhhh…she has an answer!  I am taking the liberty of quoting some of her email because I think there is alot of information for myself, as well as everyone else.  It is as follows:

“Woweeee!  You had yourself a real-life taste of the miracle in action.  Smoking in itself is meaningless.  But what the smoking “stands for” what it represents for the ego, is having its foundations shaken right now.  The laws of the ego says that you (the ego) have to give up an addiction.  But as the ego is undone, the false self-concept that believes you need cigarettes – collapses.  So the thing that needs cigarettes falls away.  The outcome?  It often looks like the cigarettes (or whatever) actually GIVES YOU UP!  What a wonderful experience for you to have!  This is super powerful.  Now…be mindful not to impose any guilt trips on yourself if smoking appears to resume.  Guilt, self-judgment, simply reinforce that silly ego strength.  Simply WATCH IT – without any judgment whatsoever.  If smoking comes, let it be.  If smoking goes, let it be.  Then, the ego addiction loses all its power and whatever held you back must naturally fall away of its own accord.”


(OK, commercial break, and although Nouk is so unbelievably humble that this may embarrass her [sorry Nouk, but I do love you so much], I would really like to highly recommend her as a mentor:   If any of you have ever considered Nouk’s mentoring services, they are valuable beyond belief.  She has been at this quite awhile and you could not ask for a more loving and kind person to break this down into everyday language.  You can find her at

Yessssss, I am not nuts!  Just greatly experiencing how insane the illusion truly is.

The next evening when I went to bed, I woke up every fucking hour with this message:  SMOKE!  OK, the ego is back in full force!

Soooo…am I a smoker?  I don’t have a fucking clue.

To be continued…

Much Love and Pink Clouds,



Robert, My Homeless Buddy/Angel

In a previous blog, I wrote myself a sticky note, so that I could remember to write about Robert.  I always called him homeless, when in fact he was more of a street person.

The city where our banquet facility resides, is a downtrodden rivertown in Pennsylvania.  Every Monday the local newspaper features “Mugshot Monday” and a majority of those mugshots belong to this particular town.  I’m setting the scene here to show that it’s not the safest place to be, especially at night.

It was close to Christmas and we had catered an event in another city.  My partner’s daughter in law was in labor with her first grandchild.  She rushed off to the hospital, and I headed back to unload.

It was about 10:00 p.m. when I arrived and snowing pretty hard.  I opened up the back of my Jeep, and suddenly looked up.  There was this really tall guy, looking kind of rumpled and it seemed that he just appeared in the midst of this snowstorm.  He startled me, but for some reason he didn’t scare me.  When I looked closer, he had on one of those long… (OK, I stopped here and googled the name of what I was looking for because I don’t think I could describe it) and it’s called a lanyard.  Kind of a cool word, and if you don’t know what it means, you can google it and hey, it could be the word of the week, nice.

It was yellow with black lettering (yes, like the Stillers!) and it repeated itself saying over and over:  GOD IS LOVE.  I like it!  As he approached me, I also noticed that he had this nasty ass greenish-looking snot dripping all over his top lip, yuck.  He said, Hi, can I ask you a question?  OK.  Are you the people who are going to have the free Christmas Dinner? (We had been approached by a local church when we opened up this banquet facility.  They had been hosting a free Christmas Dinner for about 10 years and had run out of room.  They would provide the food, and volunteers, and we agreed to provide our facility and our time to help out.  This was going to be the first year and I think we fed about 800 people that day.)

I said, yep, that’s us.  He commented that he had never been in the building but heard how beautiful it was and he was very happy that he could finally see inside.  (And it is beautiful, an old Masonic Temple.)   Then he said, can I ask you another question?  Sure.  How did you come up with the name Fairy Godmothers Enchanted Catering?  Wow, like I said before, no one ever asks, and Robert was about to lead me into a world where I would become curious everytime someone asked, although I had no idea at the time.  I told him about seeing the lights in my mind, and he smiled this sweet sweet smile, and said, Ah, it’s from God.  Yesssss.

The next day we were contacted to host what would turn out to be our most lucrative catering event ever.  Sigh, I can hear the purists now:  this is all an illusion and looking for signs in the illusory world is not what this is about.  OK.  I get it, but this is how I learn.  I will get there, but in the meantime I have to have signs show up for me HERE, it’s how my faith is developing in all this.  And I don’t want you to write to me about it because some have in the past, and really, it just confuses me, so thanx, but no thanx. 

Christmas arrived about two weeks later and my partner and I had decided to split up our time for the day.  I had the later shift, which meant I arrived about 10:30 a.m.  I was amazed when I pulled into the parking lot!  There were people lined out into the street, all the way up the second floor, waiting for dinner to begin at 11:00.  As I was moving through the crowd, climbing up the stairs, someone shouted, Hi Sally!  And there was my Robert, all cleaned up, looking beautifully silly with a Santa Claus stocking hat on.  Sweet!

When he sat down to have his dinner, I joined him.  He ate very little, and when he was finished he said, I want to help you.  Shit.  Robert was probably in his late 60’s, very skinny and kind of weak.  I decided to blow him off because we had so many volunteers and he just did not look capable.  But he hunted me down all day long until eventually I would find little jobs for him to do.  I asked him where he would go when the dinner was over.  He said back to my room.  Where’s that?  Across the street.  I later found out that the building across the street was for housing folks like Robert, kind of a safe house I guess.  I asked him if he had family, he hesitated and said no, but he did have roommates.

I ran into Robert a couple of months later when he was hanging around our dumpster.  He was not embarrassed just happy as hell to see me, with his God is Love lanyard hanging around his neck.  Man, that smile and the big ole sweet generous hug always took my breath away.  Again, the next day, we found out that our gas bill for the building, due to some rate cuts, would be half the year before.  Whew, that’s a biggie, in our ongoing struggle to keep this place afloat.  And it was at that time I began to realize there was something about running into him, and then something good happening shortly after.

One time I ran into Robert, as he was assisting another kind of crazy street dude.  I could see the guy taking little pieces of paper out of his pocket, writing something on it, and placing it on the windshields of parked cars.  I’m like, Hey Robert, what are you guys doing?  He’s all excited.  Sally, come here and look!  OMIGOD, they were making their own damn parking tickets and were wildly exuberant at their geniusness. Like:  WHY IN THE HELL DIDN’T WE THINK OF THIS BEFORE???   It was how they were going to make some extra money.  Shit!  I took a look at one of the notes and it said:  This is a no parking fine, it costs $2.00.  And that was it, no explanation as to where to pay it, nothing.  Now I am just so damn happy landing in the middle of all this lunacy, and thought, shit, if it works for them, who am I to rain on that crazy fucking parade.

The next two Christmases, Robert showed up for the Christmas Dinner.  On his way out, I would hand him a Christmas card with 20, $1.00 bills in it.

The last time I saw him was April, 2009.  He looked awful.  He gave me a very feeble hug, looked me in the eye and said:  Why do you like an old drunk like me so much?  I was kind of surprised because I had never even smelled alcohol on him before.  I said, ‘ya know Robert, there is just something about you.  I think you are an angel because every single time I run into you, something good happens to me.

I got back into my car, and my phone rang.  Hey, this is Mike, do you remember me?  You used to wait on me at the Red Onion?  Oh yeah, sure, how are you?  He told me he worked for a chemical company and they needed someone to run their cafeteria and he thought of me.  OK.  Can I call you back later?

My thinking at the time was, shit, I needed the money, the catering/wedding season is short, my partner and I were putting all our paychecks on the mortgage to keep the damn place going, but I AM SO NOT A COOK!  As a matter of fact, my Aunt Pat, in early stages of dementia, says to me, 3 to 4 times an hour:  Sally, I am so surprised that you run a cafeteria, so that gives you a hint as to my reputation of not so much a cook in our family.

But then, its slowly sinking in, you just had contact with Robert, pay attention.

I had been running the cafeteria for a couple of months, and was thinking early one morning (that’s another thing, I’ve never been a morning person before this job but somehow I have become one, hah, only on the days I work, and have never once woke up thinking, fuck, I don’t want to do this!) man, I am not making very much money with this job, when I heard loud and clear:  THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY!  OK, yeah, shit, let me ponder on that one for a couple of days.  And of course, the Voice was dead fucking on.  This was at the beginning stages of undoing the ego, through Take Me To Truth, and every fucking thing that could go wrong, was going wrong, and it all revolved around the catering business, and my own particular war with the person who was in my life to teach me 😦  With this cafeteria job, I could create my own little damn happy world.  Hey, no whining or bitching at the window, you come up here all shiny and happy.  I play very loud hip hop music or upbeat blues all day long.  It’s my own little SallyWorld, filled with wonderful forgiveness opportunities all day long, far far away from all the pressure of the catering mess.  Obviously, it is not about the money, it was a sweet deliverance.

On Christmas Day, 2009, and again on Christmas Day, 2010, I brought my Christmas card for Robert with 20, $1.00 bills in it, but with no sighting of him for the past two years, I figure he’s gone.  Somewhere in ACIM, it talks about angels showing up to help you, and I now know that Robert had been sent to me.  It truly was the toughest time of undoing the ego, and, as it has been stated, I was not left without help.

Thank you Robert, you most wonderfully odd angel.  Lucky me for having my eyes opened and being able to see through your “outward mess”.

Much Love and Pink Clouds,


Damn–That Ego is Slippery!!!

I was driving on the expressway when I noticed 3:33 on my clock.  Good God, I act like a little kid and get so damn excited, when one of my “reminders” pops up.  I use 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 666 (just kidding).   I thought, hell, everytime I see those numbers, it will remind me to join with HS and Jesus, and it works!

I was driving in the left lane because I was passing someone.  Now, I usually drive 7 miles over the speed limit, when I am on the big roads.  Someone once told me that the cops will leave you alone if you only drive 7 over, and I believed them, and it works for me, and I can justify that all day long.  Now, sometimes when Wayne (husband) is sleeping and we are on a long trip, I drive faster.  My reasoning is the faster I go, the better he sleeps.  Now, how’s that for justification!

So, I’m all happy yakking with my buddies when suddenly someone is roaring up behind me and flashing his lights.  Holy shit!  My first thought was:  IT’S THE FUCKING DEVIL!!!  Because all I could see was lots of red and these two big horn-looking things sticking out of the top and I swear that grille was big sharpy teeth.  Yikes!  OK, hang on buddy till I pass this car, you fucking jackass!

As you can see, this is going into the dumper fast!  Here come the thoughts:  Oh yeah, its a redneck.  I can tell by the confederate flag covering the entire back window.  Oh, I bet the asshole is wearing a wifebeater, and probably cowboy boots, and of course he’s listening to COUNTRY AND WESTERN MUSIC. (The only thing I like about country music is this line:  “It’s a quarter after one, I’m a little drunk and I need you now.”  I don’t know why that line makes me so damn happy.)   Come on buddy, you’re not a cowboy, you probably don’t even own a horse.  Bet you live in a doublewide. You’re just a big fat-ass bully, barrelling through life and knocking people out of your way.  I bet you’re a wimp at home, and your wife is so totally in charge of your miserly life, you rotten son of a bitch.    Did you know there are no hierarchy of illusions?  Do you think you are more important than me?  Your problems greater than mine?  Dammit, all hell has broken loose, and I’m in there, big fucking time!

(And not until this very moment, while writing this bog, did I even think:  Hey, holy Child of God, perhaps you are having a life-threatening emergency, and if so, kindly let me get out of your way quickly so you can tend to your urgent business.)

Now, I’m at my exit ramp, completely spent over my rage,  and notice it’s 4:44.  Uh oh!  Oh hi you guys, my how the time has flown, but I am really excited to once again haul my sometimes seemingly never-loving ass back to ‘ya because you never ever veer off this path, and are a constant reminder to me that I can and will eventually catch up with you.

Be vigilant for God and his kingdom, AND THAT MEANS ALL HIS KINGDOM, SALLY!

Much Love and Pink Clouds,


Use One Egg

Messages from HS are not always what you think they will be, but, uh it’s a good idea to pay attention.

About 8 years ago, before I really started digging into ACIM, I had, what I now realize was a message, and it was crazy cool!  I had just moved to the area and started working in a restaurant.  I hit it off with a couple of gals, and they asked me if I would like to start a catering company with them.  (Sometimes, when I look back at that moment, I think, FUCK, why didn’t I just drink the purple koolaid?  Oh yeah, right, I forgot, I PICKED THIS CLASSROOM!!!)

A couple of days later, a sparkly, lit-up, shiny bright message appeared in my mind, and it said:  FAIRY GODMOTHERS ENCHANTED CATERING.  It made me so damn happy, but as I did not know these two gals all that well, I was a little hesitant about presenting the name.  But dammit, it just kept flickering away, a constant reminder.  I finally approached them a few days later and told them what I had seen.  They loved it!  Whew!

[Aside:  something very interesting has happened with that name over the years.  Many people tell us that just LOVE that name, but very rarely does anyone ask how we came up with it.  I now pay particular attention when someone does ask, because somehow that person becomes relevant in my life.  In another blog, I’ll tell you about my homeless buddy, Robert.  I’m making a sticky note right now, so I don’t forget.  Truly, they are an extension of my brain!]

Back to story:  I run a small cafeteria for a paint company.  There are 3 different shifts and I cook breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday.  I usually serve 20-30 workers per day plus any truck drivers who are waiting to be loaded.

Breakfast is served from 6:30 to 10:30.  A couple of months ago, I was really hungry for scrambled eggs.   When I reached for the eggs, I very distinctly heard:  Use one egg.  Huh?  At the time, I thought, well that’s odd, I’m hungry, and promptly ignored it.  Shit!  I had just started to eat my eggs when a truck driver walked up to the window and ordered the 2-egg breakfast.  No problem, except that when I looked in the carton, I ONLY HAD ONE EGG LEFT!!!  I had never run out of eggs before and I’m doing my best jive and shuffle, and he is just staring at MY plate of eggs.  I was not about to tell this big, burly not-so-happy looking guy that I had just five minutes ago received a message from HS, and decided to ignore it.  I mean, Ken Wapnick says, BE NORMAL, and I like Ken Wapnick, even though I’ve never met him, he just seems like a nice guy.  But I did have to duck down behind the counter because I was laughing so damn hard.  Good one HS!

So, of course you now think that I do in fact pay attention to all signs, right?  I wish it were so.  I’m getting there, just sometimes this living out loud stuff, is hard to figure out.  Yesterday I was shopping and received the thought to buy some ibuprofen, which, sigh…again, I ignored.  I haven’t had a headache for a long time, so it made no damn sense to ME!  When I got back home, my husband asked me if we had any ibuprofen, because HE had a headache.  Dammit!

Everyone hears, sees, feels and gets messages differently, because even though we are all one, in the illusion, we are all different.  Don’t you just hate to hear that shit?  OK, it’s true, just trying to help us all get there.  And there is alot of humor with this stuff, YA JUST GOTTA PAY ATTENTION…SALLY!!!

Much Love and Pink Clouds,