Cruisin’ With Discarnates

Cruisin’ in my minivan, and it’s packed full of scenarios, ALL MINE. Past thoughts regurgitating that will obviously set up another round of inevitable failure. Shit! So damn crowded in here I can’t breathe.

Wait a minute! It suddenly dawns on me there is a way to end all this, so I scream really loud: PLEASE HELP ME! Whoosh, the carnage has emptied out, and holy shit, where in the hell did you guys come from??? Oh yeah, sorry, that was me screaming. Jesus in the passenger seat, Holy Spirt and Tomas in the second row, and my Dad sprawled across the back.

Can I give this to you please? My personally designed endings always suck, as you well know, and there has to be a better way.

Within minutes my cell rings, and OMIGOD, a fairy tale ending to this dilemma :). I am just so damn happy, still smiling two days later and, once again, blessed confirmation that I continue on this track.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Tom and Linda Carpenter

    The Feeling of Joining

In the beginning of a sharing together, Jesus tells us of his real presence with us.

I would encourage you to recognize that, on the broader level of your Being, this is what is known as communion. Please know that I am with you now, as fully and totally as you experience each other. I want you to know this and become comfortable and accustomed to this feeling. Know that it is one you may have at any time with any brother, be he incarnate or discarnate. Become one with this feeling that you may know there is no real difference between the birth and death sides of perception.

Creation is not divided. Creation is the Mind of God, and within His Mind, the concept of division does not exist. We are one. You mistakenly simply see yourself as confined to a range of experiences definable by your physical senses. Please believe that this is not so. It is only your state of mind that confuses you. Our joining is as real as if I reached out my hand and touched you. Do you like this feeling? Please be aware that I like it as well.

Much Love and Pink Clouds,


Happy Easter!

The theme for this week in yoga is “to go beyond your comfort zone”.  Hey you fuckers, the reason I like yoga is because I happen to love my damn comfort zone and I feel so exquisite when I walk out that door!  So, now everyone is getting very serious, and saying things like:  “Oh my yes, let’s spend extra time in all the warrior positions.”   (Fuck off, it’s hard enough!)   “How about if tomorrow we do everything with our left hand?”  (Very original you imbeciles.)  And here’s another good one:  “Let’s call each other by different names”.  You can only imagine where my mind has now gone.  Having had enough of this nonsense, I blurt out:  “How ’bout trying to eat 24 chocolate bunnies on Easter Day”?  And this little girl on the other side of the room just gets to giggling like I’m some kind of rock star comedian.  That only encourages me to continue:  “Really, that is way beyond my comfort zone because we’re always saying to ourselves:  “Oh no, can’t eat the chocolate.  Imagine all the calories, and how much fat and sugar that is going into my body, blah blah blah. So I am thinking about having a crack at it.  I mean, shit, how uncomfortable can that possibly be?  Just the very funny thought of it is making me bloat up with some kind of nasty gas that EVERYONE KNOWS IS A BIG FAUX PAS TO RELEASE IN THE DAMN YOGA STUDIO!” 

Finally, everyone catches on that we have made this way too serious, dammit!  They start jumping in with their two cents:  “I’ll eat an entire bag of jelly beans while I’m making the kids’ baskets”.  “Oh, I’m going to bite all the heads off the peeps before I put them in the baskets”.  Yessss, sheer lunacy has taken over the yoga studio and I am back in my laughing my ass off comfort zone.  Atta girls!

Happy Easter  (ha ha, by mistake, I originally wrote Happy Eater.  My mind is in the basket.)

Much Love and Pink Clouds,