Jeff Is So Right

I often refer to my brother Jeff as Rush Limbaugh. He is following in the footsteps of all the Hagerty Family before him. (See My Mom Is So Cute). Opinionated, always right, quick to point out what is wrong with others, carrying grudges for years and years and refusing to stop for a minute, look out and see if perhaps things could be different.  It’s tough in there, I know, I’ve been fighting my way out for years.

When we were growing up, my 3 brothers and I would play a game called “Do you want to be a MacKenzie or a Hagerty when you grow up?” My Dad’s side, MacKenzie, was the wild, eccentric and fun family. And the Hagerty Family was well…rigid, right and dammit you have to take life seriously, there are a lot of problems out there you know, and only we can solve them.

And I always thought it odd that Jeff wanted to be a Hagerty, made no damn sense to me, because, of course, I’m right:)

ACIM is taboo. I guess to him I have completely veered off the Hagerty path, and there is no hope for me.  If I dare to enter ACIM into a conversation, I am immediately cut off so that we can get back on a more sane path, heh heh.

Because my conversations go something like this:  “Yes that child made mistakes in the past, but that was 10 years ago, I think she deserves another chance.  Yes you do not like your daughter’s choice in a partner and you make all these excuses about the partner and then wonder why your daughter does not come around.  Maybe if you could, just once, love your daughter and her partner without any excuses, you would see more of her.  Jeff, my job is to love everybody.”

Jeff called me yesterday morning and asked if I wanted to hear a wonderful story.  Of course I do.  Jeff works for the State Police.  They received a call about 4 full grown German Shepherd dogs that were being kept outside in small kennels, the kind you use to train dogs indoors.  When the police arrived, one female was in such bad shape they had to take her to a vet.  When it was time for her to be released, an animal rescue team who had become involved called the police station and my brother took the call.  They had to release the dog back to the “rightful” owner.  My brother said, “Hey, tell the lady I’ll give her 50 bucks for the dog, and I’ll find it a good home.”

When the police returned the dog, they told the lady of Jeff’s offer.  She said, “Hell, for $150.00 he can have all of them.”   At about this time, the Vet and the original breeder heard about my brother’s offer.  They got together and discovered that the lady had never paid the breeder for the dogs.  The breeder said I will take them all and the Vet said to Jeff, “If you will pay my bill, you will not have to pay the lady for the dogs.”  Jeff said, “How much?”  The vet said, “35.00!”

And I could hear the pride, and miraculously the Love, in his voice.  All of these people joined together, (including the owner of the dogs) having no idea where they were being led,  Something has happened to Jeff.  He jumped off some damn cliff for once, not knowing were he would land, and poof, a miracle occurred.

He said, “Sal, isn’t that a wonderful story?!”  You have no idea buddy how my heart is bursting wide open.  And you are so beautifully right:)

Much Love and Pink Clouds,